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Hosted in the beautiful salon ballroom at 112 Harley Street, the inaugural concerts were held on 1st and 2nd December 2021. Concerts will continue in early 2022 with approximately six to ten concerts anticipated annually. Established and emerging professional musicians will perform a 1-hour programme to an audience of doctors and medical staff, clinic patients, local students, members of the local community and invited guests.
In addition to 112 Harley Street, further concerts may be staged in a number of the other elegant spaces in Harley Street belonging to Founding Partners.
Concert dates and programme information will be announced in early 2022.

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Musical & Medical

In the 1840s, Harley Street’s drawing rooms were a popular venue for musical recitals, attracting the likes of Berlioz and Mendelssohn. The Beethoven Rooms at No. 76 (now 27) and Mrs. Dulcken’s a few doors down, at 80 (now 19) suited the growing fashion for chamber music and quartets.


Harley Street Concerts revives this legacy, welcoming a rejuvenated musical spirit into the local community.



For centuries, musical and medical professionals have crossed paths, collaborated and inspired one another towards new and exciting discoveries.


One of the most recent developments is English National Opera’s ‘Breathe’ project, which is a breathing and wellbeing programme developed specifically for people recovering from COVID-19.


Famous historical examples of the cross-over between music and medicine include close relationships between composers and physicians, such as the friendship of Theodor Billroth and Johannes Brahms; trained physicians who converted to music professions, or vice versa; as well as musical works and opera productions inspired and influenced by medical practices.


Theodor Billroth (1829-1894), was an Austrian surgeon and talented amateur musician (pianist and violinist). A close friend and confidant of Johannes Brahms, Billroth was one of the first to attempt a scientific analysis of musicality and a leading patron of the Viennese musical scene.


Sir Jonathan Miller (1934-2019), theatre and opera director studied natural sciences and medicine at St John’s College, Cambridge, and qualified as a physician before building his career in TV and theatre.

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